How to use our ribbon designer

How to design your own ribbon. Firstly select the ribbon colour you would like to use by clicking on the colour icon.

Then select the print colour icon (These are a representation of the colour available eg. Metallic Silver & Gold are shiny metallic prints)

You can now select the font you require (If a font you require is not there, select Special Font Request and write the font you require. we should then be able to use your special font - we can also send you a PDF layout if required, just ask)

You can now select an optional graphic or upload your own logo (PLEASE NOTE: The logo is best suited as a JPG or PNG single colour image - The designer preview will display your logo in the colour you uploaded but please be aware that we will print in the colour you have chosen from the menu. If your Logo is is in a different colour, it will be converted to the selected colour.

Lastly, choose whether you require the print to be on both sides of the ribbon (There is an additional charge for this) 
Click the PREVIEW button and voila, your design is complete.


If you have any special instructions with regards to the design, spacing, size etc.  Just let us know in the special instructions box and we will ensure this is carried out - Again, just ask for a PDF layout if you are in any doubt whatsover.

Please note that the display is a representation of your design - certain colours may not show up that well on different coloured ribbon - If we feel there is an issue with your colour selection(s), we will contact you with possible alternatives.

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